What Does It Cost to Work With Gale?

FAQ:  I want to work one-on-one with Gale to grow my business but I have no idea what that costs or involves. What can you tell me?   

Answer:  (Please accept the below entry at this time– a detailed FAQ page is under construction.)   

An overview of the process:

Should you decide to move forward after a free 15 minute phone consult with Gale, you would schedule your Initial Work Session, which is a cross between an interview and a fact-finding mission; clarity is the purpose.

You and Gale will sit down, uninterrupted.  She will learn about your business—not just it’s advertised services but it’s existing systems.  For example, how do you generate or manage leads?  How do you handle invoices?  If you have a physical storefront such as a salon or office what is the process from the time the customer walks in the door until they leave?  What about after they leave?  Do you not have enough business or more than you can handle?  What is your networking status—awesome skills not being used or need to learn skills and then use them?

There are NO wrong answers.  A clear picture is the goal so that appropriate action can be taken.


At CPC we often get the same three feedback statements from one-on-one clients.

“It’s so nice to not feel judged.”


“Gale knows how to cut right through the bulls*it to what actually works.”

And then there is:

“When I stop doing the homework Gale gives me my numbers go down, simple as that.”


The first work session costs $150 per hour and lasts one to four hours so expect $150 – $600.  That’s a wide range because a one-person startup is vastly different than an established 4 – 6 person law office.

Often, the more prepared the client is the less time it takes.

For example, some clients know exactly what they want to improve, others feel like they are drowning everywhere and need to know where to start.

If you are on the slimmest of budgets and need to stick to a one hour consult for $150 we will always respect that.

We give clients the option to prepare for the Initial Work Session by emailing them our Let’s Move Forward questionnaire, which asks pertinent questions that can be answered beforehand.  Not everyone fills it out but our experience is those that do most certainly save time.

By the end of the first work session Gale will give you what our clients have dubbed “Homework”.  The specifics will vary based on your business needs but it will be manageable, doable, and have a deadline.  Homework has been called “simple but brilliant things to do” by more than one client.



Okay, you had a great Initial Work Session with Gale, she gave you your first round of Homework, you are feeling better already but…what’s next?  How to NOT drop the ball?  

Follow up, follow up, and more follow up.

Repeat as long as you are in business.

And that’s not bad, or boring (though we acknowledge “follow-up” is not the most exciting of terms!)

The purpose of follow up is to determine if you have done your homework, discuss results or observations, and to assign what’s next.  Follow up provides not just accountability but continued guidance.  

We don’t insist—you choose what fits your budget—but we do recommend weekly or at least bi-weekly follow up.  Frequent follow up is effective.  Once clients start clicking along, one hour of monthly follow up seems to be preferred.

Follow up is also billed at $150 per hour, with a minimum 15 minute session.  This is where your preferences largely take over.  The meeting will be in person or a phone call.

CPC does not require long contracts or that you commit to anything other than the next session.

An example:

Jack the Real Estate Agent has an initial two hour meeting with Gale for $300.  At the end she recommends Task A and Task B as his first two steps, to be completed a week from the day they met.  Jack wants to proceed with working with her so they schedule a half hour phone call for the following Wednesday.

A few days later Jack receives an email from Gale asking how things are going.  He is either doing great and is both relieved and excited to be moving forward or he realizes Wednesday is coming up very quickly so he gets moving.

Either way he wins. 

On Wednesday Gale and Jack have their scheduled 30 minute call.  Jack has completed his homework.  Gale gives him the next tasks.  For the next two months Jack has a 30 minute phone consult with Gale every Wednesday and beginning in the third month feels ready to reduce to every other Wednesday.


Jack the Real Estate Agent’s Costs and Profits Over Three to Four Months:


 Jack determines he wants to increase his sales by one listing per month, so 12 per year.  His Initial Work Session with Gale lasts two hours:  $300

Month 1:  Weekly 30 minute phone call and in between email communication with Gale:  4 calls @ $75 per call so $300 each month.

Month 2:  Weekly 30 minute phone call and in between email communication with Gale:  4 calls @ $75 per call so $300 each month.

Month 3:  Reduces to a 30 minute phone call every other week for a total of 2 calls @ $75 each so $150 per month.

We will use conservative, realistic returns in this example.  

Let’s say over the course of the three months consulting with Gale, Jack lists three more homes than he has in the previous three month period, or this same three month period last year. 

Each of the three additional listings paid a $3000 commission. That’s $9000.  He has spent $1050 working with Gale, and has done his part every week.  

This is not an unrealistic scenario.


Hopefully this has provided you with an idea of what hiring Gale involves.

Testimonials from others that were once in the same boat as you can be found here.

Our one-on-one clientsare individuals who know they need different supports to grow (we all do).

It takes guts to not only ask for help but invite someone into your business; Gale and the entire CPC team understands that. All is confidential.

To schedule a free 15 minute phone consult or your Initial Work Session, email gale@completeprofessionalconnections.com









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