For the Shy People (or your shy employees)

A strong but sweet mid-summer dose of reassurance for those in need:

If you have not been out networking this summer I sincerely urge you to change your ways!  Summer is in full swing and great outdoor events on lovely summer evenings have never been more abundant.  Make it a goal to meet “X” number of new connections by Labor Day.

If you are not skilled at face-to-face marketing (ahem, networking) drop me an email.  You can become skilled but you must practice.

Fact:  As your networking skills are honed, put to use, and improve, so will your business.

Many a skilled networker was once in your position.  There is no reason for you to be sitting on the sidelines.  Or, if you are an employer, there is no reason to watch your team members sit on the sidelines.


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