May 2015 Client Highlight: Steve Kopelman

Steve Kopelman met CPC President and CEO Gale Paige at an Accelerant event.  He says Gale’s expertise quickly became clear, and he solicited her to work with him on a project whose details will soon be released.  Gale and the CPC Team have enjoyed learning about Steve’s great and unique company and how he assists his clients. 

Check him out:    

Steve founded Sports Leagues out of college and ran corporate leagues and events for 18 years.  He created Venio Corporate Events powered by Active Excursions with this goal in mind:  “Because your most valuable people—your employees and clients—are your key assets, we want to enable you to build deeper relationships and to reward them for their contributions, improve their health, and motivate them to achieve their goals. This is how we measure OUR success.” 

How does he do this?  By taking groups on outdoor excursions—kayaking, sailing, white water rafting– just to name a few.  Some clients have an idea of what activity they would like to do, others look to Steve for ideas. 

It usually starts with one event such as a management retreat, and can end up as 6 to 7 events per year. 

Beginners should not be intimidated—Steve’s excursions are for all sizes of organizations and all levels of fitness.  He assists organizations from brand new startup groups as small as two or three people, all the way up to groups from large corporations such as Under Armour. 

Steve observes that while his clients vary in size and preferred activities, the common factor is that they all “strongly believe in taking good care of their employees, clients, and community.”       

Venio Corporate Events is based in the Baltimore/D.C. area and hosts excursions all over the world.  For more information and photos of Steve’s many excursions, check his website and Facebook page

We have enjoyed working with him and could not more highly recommend his services.       

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